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Welcome to Jabba Engineering Ltd. We offer Soil Fertility Management Solutions covering Soil Nutrient Testing, farm garden profiling, Fertilization Plans as well as Water Testing solutions covering, Physical Chemical, Micro-Biological Testing and Heavy Metals Testing. If you need lab testing services or the equipment for your own service, we’re able to assist you in your soil and water testing project. Learn More…

Soil Testing Services & Equipment
Water Testing Services and Equipment
Consultancy Services
Service and Calibration
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Introducing Kemio


Water TestingWater quality testing


We test water quality for instance in swimming pools, spas, hydrotherapy pools and hot tubs to ensure safety and comfort is protected.

Soil Testing ServicesSoil nutrient testing

We focus on soil macronutrients and micronutrients to ensure soil is capable of supporting a growing population while protecting the environment.

Calibration ServicesDevice Calibrations

We carry out Preventive Maintenance, Repairs and Overhauls, Testing and Commissioning of both analytical and industrial laboratory instruments and equipment.

Consultancy ServicesDocumentation & quality

JEL consultancy services focuses in developing documentation, guiding implementation of quality management systems and auditing.

Our Products

Water Testing ProductsDrinking, Process, Waste Water

Photometer Tubetests (liquid reagents)

Drinking water testing products, wastewater and surface water analysis equipment and a range of kits to serve applications as diverse as food production and renal dialysis.

Soil Testing ProductsSupply of Soil Testing Products

Soil and water are intrinsically linked in agricultural production and horticultural excellence. Palintest soil kits provide simple and reliable tools for optimizing crop yields and protecting the environment.

General Lab EquipmentEquipment for labs

Electronic and visual testing products for professional and residential pools, hydrotherapy pools, spas and hot tubs.

Contact us for Professional Water, soil and pool testing.


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