Our Products

JEL is the exclusive Ugandan distributor of soil and water quality testing equipment manufactured by Palintest Ltd in the United Kingdom. Palintest is a leading global provider of water and environmental analysis equipment that enable critical water quality decisions to be made with confidence. We have supported these products since 2012.

Micro-Biological Testing in Water By JEL

Drinking water testing products, wastewater and surface water analysis equipment and a range of kits to serve applications as diverse as food production and renal dialysis.

Soil Testing Done By JEL

Soil and water are intrinsically linked in agricultural production and horticultural excellence. Palintest soil kits provide simple and reliable tools for optimizing crop yields and protecting the environment.

Service and Calibration Equipment

Electronic and visual testing products for professional and residential pools, hydrotherapy pools, spas and hot tubs.

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